Sheesham Wood Scooped Seat Accent Chair or Footstool

$255.00 $357.00

Sheesham Wood Scooped Seat Accent Chair or Footstool

This Striking Seating Option is constructed, using tongue and groove joint methods, of Sheesham wood in a water-resistant lacquer sealed "teak" finish. Features include carved, routed, and shaped detail-and a truly dynamic silhouette. This unique wood footstool provides ergonomic support with its gently scooped seat. A classic touch to any home. Beauty, durability and functional convenience come together in one elegant package. This Scooped Seat Accent Stool is the easiest to use both indoors and out.

Sheesham Wood Scooped Seat Accent Chair or Footstool Features

  • Material: Solid mango wood
  • Category: Home accents, accent stools, benches, accent chairs
  • Dimensions: 23 x 25 x 14
  • Please Note: The grain, texture and tone of this hand crafted furniture will vary from piece to piece. The wood's natural characteristics such as knots, grain patterns, cracks, and color variations enhance the unique handmade appearance. In certain climates, these woods may expand and contract developing slight splits or cracks. But these small imperfections are natural and will not compromise the structural integrity of your piece. Since each piece is hand made, each piece will be unique and beautiful in its own way. Our furniture collection features time-honored techniques and top-quality materials. Each piece tells a story of tradition and modernity, starring globally inspired practices and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Our intensive process begins with freehand drawings carefully sketched onto wood. Although each piece of naturally sourced material is inspected to ensure quality and color, none is exactly alike, so every console, table, or nightstand you bring home is truly one of a kind.

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