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Promote Heirloom Quality Unique Furniture For Residential And Commercial Use

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Earn Money From Anywhere

Earn a minimum $100 affiliate commission on every sale!


You will earn a commission when you promote and someone purchases and furniture item from our store. We have advanced and automatic tracking systems that connect the affiliate to any sales they refer. 

Do you have friends who are looking for a new sofa or accent cabinet? Someone you know just bought a house and need to furnish it? Do you have an existing business or blog you would like to promote us through? Are you great at marketing products online? Want to earn extra money or unlimited amounts of commissions on the side? Do you want a highly credible online furniture seller with innovative and high quality products? Then this affiliate program is for you!


Limitless Possibilities

A furniture affiliate program commission structure that is designed for you to earn a limitless amount of commissions with opportunities for commission increases.

Level 1: 1-9 Sales within 30 days =$100 Commission per EACH SALE (earnings $100-$900)

Level 2: 10-29 Sales within 30 days = $150 Commission per EACH SALE (earnings $1500-$4350)

Level 3: 30-59 Sales within 30 days = $200 Commission per EACH SALE (earnings $6000-$11800)

Level 4: 60+ Sales within 30 days = $250 Commission per EACH Sale (earnings $15000 +

Once you hit each level, all following commissions will stay at that level for an entire year! Are you ready to start promoting this highly profitable furniture store affiliate program?


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30 Days Cookies

We make sure you get paid for the person you referred, even if they don’t buy right away. Visitor’s browser cookies are saved so if they come back within a 30 day period, you will still receive a commission for the sale! How great is that? We knew you would love this feature.

Commision Increases

Get paid more, based on the amount you sell within our affiliate program. Once you hit each level of commissions, all following commissions will stay at that level for an entire year! For example, if you hit level 4, you will receive $250 commission for an entire year of all following sales. This gives you a higher earning potential over the long term.

No Limit

We offer high quality furniture from top brands and newly discovered artists. This allows us to offer customers best in class, highly desirable styles and names, which makes it easier to sell and have repeat buyers. Unlike low-cost-poor-quality furniture, you will be proud to promote these highly sought after names.


Committed Team

We want to support you in succeeding as much as possible! Therefore, we are open to our affiliates’ suggestions and feedback in order to increase sales and commissions for you. If you have any questions, we are ready to speak with you and provide a solution that works. Get started today and approved in as little as 24 hours!


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Brands snapshot

Our Hand-Picked Partners

Our veteran as well as emerging brands offer superb quality and extensive selections in every style possible. The collection are made from long-lasting responsibly sourced materials produced in USA, Italy, UK, Canada, Vietnam, India and Thailand. Prior to choosing to carry a specific brand in our store we consider following:
➥ Human Rights: Products are not produced by child labor or forced labor
➥ Green Business Practices: Responsibly sourced materials and use of recyclable and recycled packaging
➥ Preferred certifications: Fair Trade, Handcrafted, Certified Nontoxic, Sustainably Sourced, Assembled in the USA
➥ Give Back: Community & charitable giving