We're picky about our products.

Aside from simply switching to metal straws and LED lightbulbs, we choose to give back to the planet by choosing to work with brands that prefer sustainably sourced materials, repurposed wood and iron, and treat the product with environmentally friendly paints and finishes.

All of our American Made furniture is eco friendly, solid wood, and made using FSC certified wood. Our reclaimed wood furniture uses recycled materials to create the most sustainable furniture possible. 

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Reduce landfill waste

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed hardwood is high-quality upcycled material that has been taken from various sources such as old barns, houses, sheds, factories, and warehouses. 

Unique characteristics add charm.Things like wood grains, knots, small patches, pitting, small nail holes, and color streaking are characteristics that really set individual lumber and overall furniture pieces apart. Every piece of salvaged hardwood is different and cannot be replicated.

Using sustainable materials as much as possible allows furniture companies to build high-quality and ethical furniture and reduces negative impacts on the environment.

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There's no place like Earth


At LOOMLAN, we are passionate about homes. And we know you are too. You take care of your sacred place and ensure everything is perfect and handpicked. Unfortunately, many people forget that there's a home we all share, a house that welcomes and protects us and needs as much care as our homes – the home is planet Earth. Without our planet, no other home could exist.

And for that, we're specific about the curated pieces we sell and the distributors we work with.

Our priority is to respect the origins of materials and collaborate to support a production chain that respects nature through upcycled and sustainably sourced products.
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Ethically made rugs

CARE & FAIR is a worldwide industry initiative which helps fight illegal child labour and improve the living conditions of carpet knotters and their families in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Women Empowerment Program is also actively supported by CARE & FAIR. Since 2002, mothers and older sisters of schoolchildren in some of the CARE & FAIR schools have been given the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in reading, maths and writing.

In addition to being one of the most durable furniture brands sourcing ethical international style furniture, we are involved in a number of improtant causes that directly or indirectly support both women and children across the globe. 

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Meet our founder

Meet the superwoman behind LOOMLAN's magic - the vivacious, the vibrant, the one-and-only Natalya Bondole!

This very merry mom of three, wife to a dashing soldier, oozes creative spirit from every pore. With a flair for effortless charm and joie de vivre, Natalya brings her resilient originality to all she touches.

Fueled by her passion for beauty and durability, Natalya built LOOMLAN as THE one-stop oasis for long-lasting quality furniture. From eye-catching living rooms to breathtaking bedrooms, she's got you covered wall-to-wall.

Our globe-trotting talent Natalya skips from Italy to India collecting the finest furnishings fit for royalty. From Spain to Malaysia, she bridges cultures and styles with her eclectic vision.

Born in Ukraine, worldly Natalya whips up an international style stew blending the best flavors into one fabulous feast for your home.

The effervescent Natalya shared her design genius recently: "Home is our sanctuary. Follow your heart to make it incredible!" This became her pledge when creating LOOMLAN's sustainable furnishings built to wow for years.

With contagious joie de vivre, Natalya brings her A-game every day to mix sustainability with undeniable style. LOOMLAN stands on the shoulders of its vibrant founder, committed to environmentally-friendly pieces that turn houses into homes.

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Earth tones and muted colors or bright bold and wild, or perhaps curvy shapes and luxurious velvet mixed up with antique and vintage accents - whatever it is that you are looking for we have it....and we stand by the quality of our products!

Our natural furniture designs please customers across the country. Click here to learn more and shop today!