Frequently Asked Questions: Trade Account TAX FAQ Answered

Why is my order being charged sales tax?

If you find that sales tax is being charged on your orders, it is likely one of two reasons:

1.You do not have a resale exemption certificate for the state in which your business resides on file with us.
2.You are drop shipping an order to a different state than your business, and you do not have a resale exemption certificate for that state on file with us.

Signed resale certificates are required for each state in which you seek tax exemption (U.S. only). 

If you believe your account is being charged sales tax incorrectly, please reach out to us at or 833.566.6526.

Which form do I submit?

You can often find the resale exemption form on your state’s Department of Revenue website. Please note this form is different from your Business Tax ID certificate.

Please note that Florida does not offer a resale exemption form. In addition, the following states are non-taxable: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon.

How do I submit a resale exemption certificate?

To be valid, the form must be filled out completely, including business name, date and signature. Please list the following information in doing so:

Seller/Business Address: 42512 Desoto Ter, Brambleton, VA 20148

CURRENT CUSTOMERS: If you have an active account with us, you may submit one or more resale certificates by attaching the files to an email to . 

How long will it take for this information to be approved?

We use Avalara CertCapture to validate these documents. Processing of this information may take three to four days.

Please note that you may be approved for a Currey account before your tax ID information is approved. Any purchase processed before your tax-exempt status is approved will be charged tax.

What tax information is required when I apply to open an account?

Upon application, you must submit your business's Business Tax Identification Number. This information is a requirement to qualify for LOOMLAN trade account.

Signed resale certificates are required for each state where you seek tax exemption (U.S. only). To purchase merchandise for resale and waive sales tax on qualifying orders, you must submit the appropriate Resale Exemption Certificate documentation.


Vis-a-vis sales tax, what are the drop shipment guidelines?

Drop shipments into Virginia and Washington, D.C. are always taxable unless registered there.

Drop shipments into California, Massachusetts, Mississippi and Tennessee require certificates from both the home state and ship-to state ln order to claim an exemption as "pass through states". The recipient of the shipment needs to also prove that they are exempt.

All other states will accept the ship-to state's certificate with the seller's state ID number. We encourage the customer to write the words "drop ship" or "home state rule" beside their tax ID number on the forms.




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