LOOMLAN Coupon Code

We get asked if LOOMLAN does sales events. The answer is - rarely. That's because our products are superior quality and we know their worth.
However, since you're so lucky to find this unpublished code, go ahead and use it. It is a rare  opportunity to save 10% of your purchase. 


FYI, exclusions apply on certain collections.


Brands snapshot

Our Hand-Picked Partners

Our veteran as well as emerging brands offer superb quality and extensive selections in every style possible. The collection are made from long-lasting responsibly sourced materials produced in USA, Italy, UK, Canada, Vietnam, India and Thailand. Prior to choosing to carry a specific brand in our store we consider following:
➥ Human Rights: Products are not produced by child labor or forced labor
➥ Green Business Practices: Responsibly sourced materials and use of recyclable and recycled packaging
➥ Preferred certifications: Fair Trade, Handcrafted, Certified Nontoxic, Sustainably Sourced, Assembled in the USA
➥ Give Back: Community & charitable giving