Steampunk Industrial Furniture Retrofuture Themed Collection Launched

A furniture company known for its themed collections has updated its offerings with steampunk-inspired products, offering fans of the genre a one-stop-shop for retro-futuristic furnishings.

Loomlan, a curator and provider of specialized furnishings, has updated its collection with a wide range of steampunk-style furniture for customers who are going for retro-futuristic home interiors.

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The new update offers buyers an exhaustive source of curated items that are meticulously designed to capture the look and feel of the popular science fiction genre. Many of these furnishings are handcrafted using different materials, making each piece unique.

One of these featured products is a home bar that is fitted with repurposed bicycle parts. This stylish yet functional product has a durable iron frame and an equally sturdy mango wood top. The stationary pedals attached to it can be used as a footrest, and they further add to the steampunk effect.

LOOMLAN Steampunk Industrial home bar island with footrest from repurposed bicycle parts

Another striking creation is a home bar crafted from a real motorcycle. The upcycled vehicle has an iron-framed center with wine racks and a countertop made of hardwood.

The company also offers an accent cabinet that resembles an old boiler. This product has a metal base and uses an assortment of repurposed boiler parts to achieve its vintage look. More than just a conversation piece, the cabinet offers plenty of storage space for books and clothes.

LOOMLAN mancave home bar station steampunk boiler home bar furniture for game and entertainment room

Other types of steampunk-inspired furniture are also available, including coffee tables, side tables, stools, and settees.

These products are ideal for man caves and recreation rooms with industrial or eclectic designs. Owing to their unconventional look, they make for interesting conversation starters when among guests.

Steampunk is a science fiction genre that imagines how the 19th century would look like if it progressed technologically through steam. In terms of aesthetics, the genre is characterized by industrial elements, such as gears, cogs, and other machine parts.

Founded in 2018, Loomlan has set itself apart from other furniture companies by offering various types of décor in distinctive styles and trends. Apart from steampunk, it offers real-world furniture styles, such as classical, modern, mid-century, and more.

"We work with brands whose names are highly recognizable by those loving the finest things in life," the company stated on its website.

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