Espresso Brown Left Facing L-Shaped Leather Armless Sectional Sofa

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Espresso Brown Left Facing L-Shaped Leather Armless Sectional Sofa 

This luxurious brown leather sectional is stuffed with hiqh quality foam, duck feather and down, and made durable and supportive with reinforced hardwood frame and  heavy gauge sinuous spring suspension. This leather sectional sofa is made with time-honored craftsmanship and attention to details.

Espresso Brown Left Facing L-Shaped Leather Armless Sectional Sofa Features:

  • Assembled Dimensions: 112 x 88/40 x 34
  • 100% Italian top grain leather, the finish will vary slightly from batch to batch
  • Removable cushions makes for easy spot cleaning
  • Seat cushions filled with durable high degree foam and duck feather
  • Comfy cushions and stylish, contemporary design
  • Weight Capacity: 661 + 661 lbs
  • Color palette and finish: Brown and Black,
  • 100% Italian Top Grain Leather
  • Kiln Dried Pine Wood Frame
  • Assembly: Requires minimum assembly


    The leather is named top grain because it is the natural, top layer of a cowhide that is unchanged except for the removal of hair.   The cowhide (full grain leather) is naturally thick, and nearly impossible to work with, thus the hide is sliced into at least two layers.  Top grain leather is the top cut of a cowhide with the outermost layer of the skin removed or "corrected" for blemishes.   While top grain leather is the same cut from the hide as full grain, it requires alterations beyond the removal of hair. Due to the excessive natural markings, or blemishes, the leather's surface is mechanically sanded.   Once the leather surface is uniform, it is tanned, finished, and embossed - typically into a natural grain skin texture or pebble grain texture.  Top-grain leather is the strongest layer of the leather, it is the most desirable and most appropriate for luxury goods. Suede is what is left behind after the Top Grain has been split away from the hide.  


  • Top grain leather furniture provides unmatched levels of style, comfort, and durability.
  • The natural materials and unique manufacturing techniques make it higher quality than other fabrics.
  • It will not tear along the seam lines or easily rip as fabrics do.
  • Through the dyeing process, colors are absorbed by the leather so they will not rub off or fade.
  • Leather is fire resistant and emits no toxic fumes, even when exposed to intense heat.
  • Modern leather will not crack or peel; instead it stretches and retains its shape without sagging.
  • Leather can assume body temperature rapidly and become immediately comfortable.
  • Leather is designed to age well, and can easily be well maintained.  
  • Each piece of leather is unique, like a fingerprint, with its own individual characteristics, reflecting the leather's natural origins and path from its creation to your home.
  • Markings such as scars, wrinkles, and grain variations add character and individuality to your furniture and will show that your leather is quality.  
  • Care Instructions: Dust frequently with a clean damp lint-free cloth. This will help remove abrasive buildup which can damage a finish over time.  

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