60" Tall Narrow Reclaimed Wood Space-Saving Shutter Cabinet, Armoire


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60" Tall Narrow Reclaimed Wood Space-Saving Shutter Cabinet, Armoire

If you are in need of extra storage and searching for the best way to organize your home, look no further! If your time is as valuable as your space, this versatile wood cabinet arrives fully assembled, simply attach handles and feet, instant cupboard to keep your food pantry neat. Nestled in a tight place that you don't want to waste, this space-saving enclosed shelving unit will organize your laundry room, entryway, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, toys, or office supplies. This Versatile Tall Narrow Cabinet is constructed, using tongue and groove joint methods, of a combination of reclaimed timber and new mango wood-all in our water-resistant lacquer. Features include individually set louver style slats, iron ring style hardware, and an ample shelved interior. Update your home with this unique, one of a kind wooden cabinet in rustic shutter style, with shelves hidden behind attractive all-wood shutter doors that give plenty of storage space and allow you to put your organizational skills to work. This spacious freestanding storage solution rustic wood cabinet is perfect for any room.

60" Tall Narrow Reclaimed Wood Space-Saving Shutter Cabinet, Armoire Features

  • Dimensions: 60 x 28 x 18
  • Reclaimed wood shutters , Eco-friendly
  • Hand finished
  • Purpose: Storage cabinet, Armoire, Wardrobe, Bookcase
  • Make it a set with matching items from Shutters Collection
  • Please Note: The grain, texture and tone of this hand crafted furniture will vary from piece to piece. The wood's natural characteristics such as knots, grain patterns, cracks, and color variations enhance the unique handmade appearance. In certain climates, these woods may expand and contract developing slight splits or cracks. But these small imperfections are natural and will not compromise the structural integrity of your piece. Since each piece is hand made, each piece will be unique and beautiful in its own way. Our furniture collection features time-honored techniques and top-quality materials. Each piece tells a story of tradition and modernity, starring globally inspired practices and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Although each piece of naturally sourced material is inspected to ensure quality and color, none is exactly alike, so every console, table, or nightstand you bring home is truly one of a kind.

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