White Mandala Boho Lace Carved Bed Frame, TV Stand and Sideboards

What comes to mind when you hear the word home? Is it a place, a person, a location, or simply your room? The place where you feel more comfortable to be yourself and the place where family memories will last forever?

LOOMLAN is proud to launch a new furniture collection focused around a vintage, boho look. The line includes a variety of furniture such as Bohemian carved bed frame, boho lace craved TV stand , hand carved bohemian white wash sideboard, dresser or nightstand.

We have chosen the best quality in terms of wood and artisans. Very skills workers have contributed enormously to this line. This is the main reason why every piece of furniture is uniquely made, carefully carved creating a wooden lace to complement the vintage look.

The furniture is crafted from 100% sustainable mango wood. The quality of the bohemian furniture is very impressive, made to last a lifetime. The eye-catchy bohemian lace design was carefully processing through 7-step catalysed finish process, as we are aware of protecting the environment.

The bohemian carved bed frame can be used for a spacious bedroom of course, and why not, for bigger dwellings such as spa resorts and well-being studios. The vintage, lace design will impress and the tropical mango wood will sustain in various environments. Why not have the lotus flower plant in your bedroom all the time to bring delight and freshness in your bedroom? The bohemian carved bed frame will bring a new vibe to your room and the vintage finish will give it a special touch.

White mandala boho lace carved white bed frame bedroom set nightstand and dresser with mirror LOOMLAN bohemian furniture

The Boho lace craved TV stand will definitely improve the design of your room. The laced lotus flower carefully carved on the doors is something you cannot find very often. The TV stand is perfect for your living room. Hand craved by specialists the piece of furniture will make a difference, especially that it can be combined with other Boho lace carved pieces.

If you fancy a simple, stylish vintage piece of furniture we have you covered. Our hand craved bohemian white wash sideboard is perfect if you want to add a gentle touch to your home. It is perfect for hallways and living rooms as well. The heirloom quality construction and the 7-step catalyzed process helped us to create this art considering the planet as well, not only our needs.

The dresser was created to complete the whole line. You have enough space to deposit things and the vintage wooden doors in a shape of a lotus flower are hand-made giving them an elegant and sophisticated look. The washed white color works the best with a bohemian décor and the 100% sustainable tropical mango wood will improve the durability of the furniture.

Our hand carved bohemian whitewash nightstand can give you that special vintage touch to your room. We are all different, but we are here to tell you that a piece of furniture can be the key element if you are a vintage person, if you love the bohemian style or if you are in love with the sea. We have created and tailored this line for people who believe that the magic happens every day and the happiness can be found daily, not only a few weeks per year when work is left behind and you sink in a paradise without problems.

We cannot bring the sea at your window and unfortunately, no matter how much we would try it would be impossible to create a fresh seaside breeze. However, we can make you feel the touch of the wind, see the white horizon and smell the waves; all these just by helping you decorate your dream room using our 100% sustainable mango wood processed in a eco-friendly way.

We understand your needs and the importance of calling a place home. This is the main reason why we carefully designed and crafted a new line of furniture. Something elegant, simple, and full of magic. Yes, we launched our mandala lace furniture with a large variety of pieces all having in common a beautiful lotus flower design combined with the texture of lace. Nicely and very slowly handcrafted, covered in a beautiful vintage white, the furniture is perfect if you are dreaming of an eclectic bedroom or a simple bohemian touch to your bedroom.

What makes this line so special? Every single piece is handcrafted, this means that you have the chance to own a very unique piece of furniture as two pieces are never the same. Even if you are looking for a bohemian carved bed frame or simply a boho craved tv stand, we can accommodate your needs. Maybe you fancy just a simple bohemian white sideboard, dresser, or nightstand. Not to worry, in this game, you can pick and choose according to your very personalized needs.

Hand carved Mandala boho lace lotus carved tv stand media console sideboard storage cabinet by LOOMLAN

Before you decide, please read more information regarding the quality of the wood and the process of creating these unique pieces of furniture. We are confident that the design is outstanding, but we want you to enjoy this art for a very long time. This is why we invested in great quality wood and durability.

The bohemian lotus lace carved bed is made from tropical mango wood which is a perfect material for this type of work. The strength and durability provided is top of the level. The beauty which is being carved increases the decorative ambiance of your room. The exclusive and stylish look, the carvings give is very eye-catchy and attractive. Beautiful, intricate artwork combined with heirloom-quality construction, built to last a lifetime. The exquisite furniture is crafted from 100% sustainable mango wood with an eco-friendly 7 step catalyzed finish process. The hand-carved headboard has impressive carvings of the lotus flower plant and is a delightful addition to your bedroom.

If you are more like an eco-friendly person, this is the right place for you as we consider that small changes have a huge impact on our planet. Our furniture is crafted from 100% sustainable mango wood. Moreover, the heirloom quality constructions enable lifetime durability and you don't even need to think of changing it because this will always look new.

Sanctuary worthy this spiritual retreat bed in either king or queen is ideal virtually for any interior style, starting from Coastal Beach House to Boho Chic to Eclectic.
The uniqueness of this bed and matching bedroom furnishings is what's most appealing to most designers and homeowners. Since each item is hand-carved, there virtually no identical pieces as some design variations are acceptable and, in some cases, desired.

Complete the royal treatment with a well-desired vanity mirror where the perfect complement would be the white washed dressers. Very spacious and extremely elegant, this can hold your things organized inside without begin worried that the top part will look cluttered. The two doors illustrating a lotus flower will perfectly match the royal bed giving the room a very clean and fresh vibe all being possible thanks to our experienced craft hands.

Don't hesitate to give yourself the chance to feel the essence of living. Making you place a piece of heaven is an investment, not an expense. You invest in your mental well-being and your energy level will improve accordingly. You deserve to have a sanctuary corner at home, nobody will be able to take that from you. A laced nightstand for your favorite book and a chic lamp can make a difference. It does not to be covered in gold meet its purpose, surely less is more in this situation. Two doors in the finest detail and the washed white color together with the bohemian craved finish, brings the furniture style straight from the novels when simplicity was in high demand.

Once you organize your room according to your wish and needs, a home will be a vacay place, a sanctuary, and your favorite place to be. You will feel comfortable, free, and finally happy. It starts with the small things in life. LOOMLAN is here to offer you great quality furniture made of 100% sustainable tropical mango wood, every piece of furniture is hand craved by special artisans giving a laced design and implementing nicely the lotus flower.

You don't need to feel sad anymore every time when the spa session ends, as now you can have the opportunity to transform your bedroom into the most relaxing place on earth. Is it worth the price? We would say yes, but you don't need to trust us straight away. Start with a small bohemian piece of furniture and then convince yourself about the quality and the uniqueness of the vintage piece.

Please remember, you don't buy an object but a story was written by every single person who helped us to create the brilliant, exclusive, and stunning line of furniture through the heirloom quality constructions, built to last for a lifetime. From the tree to the finished look, everyone wrote a story just for you! Isn't this amazing?

Remember, the bohemian carved bed frame, the boho lace craved TV stand, the hand craved bohemian white wash sideboard, dresser and nightstand were specially created for people who believe that art can be found in little things, for people who deserve to be happy, and of course, for those who understand that happiness comes in small pieces.

White boho lace carved mandala style tv stand, sideboard white farmhouse buffet furniture LOOMLAN white bohemian

After all, the impressive carvings of the lotus flower plant is a delight to see on a daily basis. The bohemian atmosphere can be now all yours through this new line of vintage furniture. Make your life memorable, let your heart sink in the feeling of being home. We said this and we will say it again, you deserve this!