6 Home Christmas Decorating Ideas and Christmas Colors for 2022

The most wonderful time of the year is here, folks. The winds are becoming cold and the blankets seem a bit more inviting. The countdown to Christmas is also just about to begin and there's no better time than now to start preparing your home for it.

Buying early is quite crucial during the Christmas season because you're going to find high-quality Christmas decor at a very reasonable and affordable rate than if you were to start a week or two before Christmas.

If you're unsure what to buy, however, we've got your back. In this article, we're going to explore 6 classic home Christmas decorating ideas that you can use this year to turn your house into the most perfect winter wonderland.

What are the Christmas Colors for 2022

Though the world of interior design is dynamic and ever-changing, certain things hardly ever go through any major design overhaul. We see that with Christmas and its iconic colors.

Despite the strong influence of minimalism during the 2010s, Christmas is still characterized by its traditionally bold colors, which make it a bit difficult to transition from Christmas to winter decor colors. However, there is one new color that has been gaining a lot of traction and helps in solving this problem.

Lets learn a bit more about the traditional colors and the latest entry in the Christmas color scheme.

  1. Red

Perhaps the most Christmas-y color there is; red really captures the attention wherever its used in the room. For most homes, it is recommended to tread lightly with it but when its Christmas time, you can totally let loose and use red wherever and however you want it.

Red Christmas-Tree-Decorating-Ideas-Monochromatic-Decor

  1. Dark Green

Despite being complementary colors (i.e., colors that sit opposite on the color wheel), red and green tend to clash when used together. However, using the right mix of them presents a very pleasant aesthetic.

We see this all the time in nature with green leaves and red fruits like strawberries. Numerous sources report on the holly plant being the inspiration behind these two Christmas colors.

Dark Green-Christmas-Tree-Decorating-Ideas-Monochromatic-Decor-1000x667

  1. White

Christmas takes place in the winter and since snowy countries like Germany have played an important role in the development of Christmas as a festival, the color white is yet another classic Christmas color to use during the holidays.

We’re big fans of using white as a color to design homes due to how versatile it is. It can easily be paired with other colors and if used properly, it can help bold colors look even better by reducing their heaviness. During Christmas, you’ll see a lot of white candles, chinaware, and fake frost.

White Christmas Decorating Ideas_White Christmas Mantel Decoration_How to decorate in White for Christmas

  1. Gold

Gold is one of those colors that is used in numerous religious celebrations. It is often considered auspicious and a symbol of wealth. Christmas, however, strays away from this depiction of gold. This color is instead meant to represent the sun and light that is much cherished in dark and cold winters.

You’ll often find it being used on the dining table or on ornaments like bells and the star that goes on top of the tree.


  1. Turquoise and Teal

Christmas is not about minimalism. This year, even more so with new exciting ways to put a bold twist on a traditional silhouette. I mean, who doesn't love peacock, more specifically the mesmerizing vibrant colors of its tail, its gracious look, and its stunning posture? Well, if you find this unique bird as breathtaking as we are, then you will love this new Xmas decorating trend.

A bold mix of turquoise, teal, emerald green, and everything in between, accented with decorative peacock feathers and even peacock topping the tree instead of the traditional star is probably the most unique, extravagant, yet extremely gorgeous look this season. Having a jewel-like tone to its colors your tree will the conversation started at every party you throw.

It is OK to be different! So go ahead, be unique.

What are the Christmas Colors for 2002 - Turquoise Teal Peacock Christmas Décor

6 Classic Home Christmas Decorating Ideas

Whether this is your first time decorating your house or the 20th, we’ve rounded 6 of the most timeless home Christmas decorating ideas that will help your home look perfectly ready for the holidays.

  1. Lawn

Doesn’t it feel absolutely wonderful to take a small night drive through the neighborhood seeing all the Christmas lights your neighbors have put on their lawns? This Christmas, we encourage you to decorate not just the interior part of your house but also the lawn. After all, it sets the mood right from the moment you’re about to enter your driveway.

The first thing you’re going to need is some good ol’ plants. Take a moment to visit your nearest botanist and get some outdoor plants. After that, its time to place a few Christmas motifs like reindeer and sleighs on the lawn. If you want to make this a more enjoyable activity for yourself or your kids, creating snowmen and snow angels never ceases to stop being fun.

Finally, place high-quality Christmas lights all around the decor and your house and you’re well on your way to welcoming the spirit of Christmas most wonderfully.

xmas outdoor decor decorative ideas classic xmas lawn decorations

  1. Front Door

Although technically still a part of outdoor decor, the front door is usually one of those things that almost everyone decorates and so we’ll treat this as a separate category. It has been observed in many religions that the main door of the house is adorned with symbolic motifs to welcome the spirit of the festival and the luck it brings.

One of the symbolic motifs you’ll see on every front door during Christmas is the iconic wreath. This is a circular assortment of flowers, leaves, twigs, and other decorative pieces that is hung on the front door. If not the wreath, then the second most common door decorative item would be a hanging basket that is filled with pinecones, small frosted branches, and some twinkling lights.

Both these decor items are easy to move so it makes the transition from Christmas to winter decor relatively stress-free.

xmas front door decorative ideas for porch and front door and xmas deck decorating

  1. Fireplace and Mantelpiece

Fire and the warmth it brings is another motif that we see a lot during Christmas. Depending on where you are within the country, you may or may not experience adequate snowfall to need a proper fireplace. However, you can now get digital screens that look like a fireplace without any of its heat or upkeep.

Lets say you do have an authentic fireplace and you want ideas on how you can decorate it besides just placing stockings on the mantelpiece. Our number one recommendation is to use some green Christmas garlands on the mantel. It covers a lot of space and is considered a quintessential decoration item; as you read on, you will find us coming back to this for many different locations.

Another thing that you can put on the mantelpiece is an advent calendar along with some white gothic candles placed in gold candle holders. This is one of the easiest home Christmas decorating ideas.

Home Christmas Decorating Ideas_What Colors Trending for Christmas 2022_How To Style Fireplace Mantel

  1. Dining Table

Is there anything more satisfying than a big, hearty Christmas meal with your loved ones? Among the many meanings Christmas holds, a big part of the festival lies in the idea of togetherness and if theres one area of the house thats best suited for that, its the dining room; the dining table in specific.

You can make your table a bit more Christmas-y by adding a touch of d to certain things on the table. Instead of using regular white table napkins, opt for red table napkins. Skip the regular white colors and get the red Christmas candles. Another way to jazz up your Christmas table is to use gold-colored cutlery. Christmas comes once a year folks, go all out.

Lastly, as we mentioned in the previous point, garlands will show up in a lot of locations in the house during Christmas. The dining table happens to be one of those areas. A lot of times, a small garland is spread across the table in a zigzag manner to create a nice design. Of course, it takes a lot of space but traditional Christmas decor is less concerned with utility.

Home Christmas Decorating Ideas_What Colors Trending for Christmas 2022_How To Style Christmas Table

  1. Staircase

Feel free to skip this point if you’re living in a single-story house. If you do, however, have two or more floors in your house, the stairs will be one of the best areas to decorate with Christmas decor. Since most staircases are built in the main entrance area of the house, by decorating them with Christmas decor, your guests will be treated to a great view as soon as they enter the house.

So, how do we go about decorating the staircase? Its all about the garlands. This is the most aesthetically pleasing decor item for staircases. All you have to do is spread it either across the base rail or the handrail. You can decorate the garland with some baubles and other Christmas trinkets like red ribbons.

Another part of the stairs that you can decorate is the balusters. These are the thin vertical support units that connect the handrail with the base rail. Take some fairy lights and wrap them across each of the balusters for a very illuminated staircase. If you love the look, you can actually leave them hanging and instead use them as winter decor after Christmas.

Home Christmas Decorating Ideas_What Colors Trending for Christmas 2022_How To Style Christmas Staircase

  1. Christmas Tree

Of course, a list of home Christmas decorating ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Christmas tree. There really is no right or wrong way to go about decorating Christmas trees and each family has a particular type of ornament that they like to use. For that reason, we’ll focus more on getting certain basics right, starting right away with the type of tree you should get.

If you’re confused between picking a real tree or an artificial tree, just remember the best artificial Christmas trees last much longer and tend to be cheaper than real trees. However, besides the realistic looks, in terms of sustainability, real trees are surprisingly much better since they can be recycled.

Moving on to decorating the tree, the first thing you need to put up is the lights. By doing this first thing, you’ll be able to make a more symmetrical design with your lights and prevent any of the small ornaments from falling. The next thing to put is the garlands. These tend to cover a lot of ground so placing them before the decorations will help you prevent a cramped-up look.

Once all the big decorative items have been put up, you can go ahead with adding the ornaments and placing the gifts next to the tree.

Multitree faux Christmas-Tree looking like real live xmas tree

What's New in Christmas Decorations for 2022

As a whole, theres a lot happening and being created on a daily basis in interior design; however, trends do take time to fully become popular. For that reason, the following list is a representation of things that gained traction in the last two-three years.

  1. All White Christmas Decor

Taking inspiration from the Christmas decor found in Scandinavian homes, this trend makes use of white as the primary color on various Christmas decor items. Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and even gift wrapping papers are all colored white to give that cold, snowy Christmas feeling.

White is also coupled with emerald green, a color that is gaining a lot of popularity, to create an icy aesthetic. Since white layers so perfectly with everything, its a great color to use on your winter decor after Christmas too.

What are the Christmas Colors for 2002 - White Christmas Decorative ideas for Your Home

  1. Garlands From Recycled Materials

In the past few years, the idea of living sustainably has gone from a moral choice to a necessity. Climate change is here and our best bet against it is to reduce wastage and recycle whatever we can. This trend has crept into Christmas decorations as well.

We’re seeing a lot of people make Christmas garlands from materials like old metal hangers, plastic pipes, and even reclaimed wood. The possibilities are endless.

Although we've listed home Christmas decorating ideas that have stood the test of time, you most certainly don't need to get all the decor items to create that Christmas feel.

Take a moment to introspect on what decor enlivens the spirit of Christmas within you. It could be just one item from this list or all of the ones we've looked at. Try to have fun and enjoy the process, it's Christmas after all.